Poietis announces the first commercial launch of a tissue model manufactured by bioprinting

The introduction to the market of a tissue model manufactured by bioprinting, the human full skin model Poieskin® fabricated by Laser-Assisted Bioprinting, is a world premiere and a major advance in the field of bioprinting and tissue engineering.

23 janvier 2018 | Pessac, France

Poietis, a leading company in 4D bioprinting solutions, today announces the commercial launch of Poieskin®, its first bioprinted skin model. The announcement was made by Dr. Fabien Guillemot, President and Scientific Director of Poietis, at the Additive Manufacturing Strategies Conference in Washington, DC; USA, where he participated with a panel of experts at a round table discussion on the future of 3D printing in Medicine.

Poieskin ® is a model of total human skin made by the Bio-printing of primary human fibroblasts and collagen for the dermal compartment and primary human keratinocytes for the epidermal compartment. Thanks to the use of Poietis bioprinting platform (consisting of the NGB bio-printer and computer-aided design solutions), Poieskin ® manufacturing will be very reproducible and flexible, and its features could be also customized. This modelwill allow the evaluation of cosmetic ingredients and finished products and will strengthen alternative methods to animal testing. Delphine Fayol, Chief Product Officer, stated "In order to ensure the reproducibility of manufacturing, the 3D printing of each Poieskin ® model is precisely controlled, layer by layer, in particular through imaging tools integrated into our NGB bio-printer".

The first sales of the models will start early April for European customers, and it will be possible to pre-order first samples of Poieskin ® in the coming weeks. Fabien Guillemot added "We are proud that Poietis becomes the first company to offer for sale a biological tissue model made by bioprinting. It is the realization of several years of R & D by our teams and a major milestone for bioprinting technologies".

About Poietis

Poietis (www.poietis.com) is a biotechnology company specializing in the design of regenerative medicine therapies based on 4D laser bio-printing. 4D bio-printing consists of programming tissue self-organization by designing organizations of tissue constituents (cells and extracellular matrix) that evolve in a controlled way until specific biological functions emerge.

Today, Poietis develops 3D physiological models and establishes partnerships with major pharmaceutical and cosmetic groups such as BASF and L'Oréal. These tissue models allow for more predictive in vitro evaluation of the toxicity and efficacy of drug candidates and new cosmetic ingredients. The bio-printing technology of Poietis, whose company holds the exclusive and worldwide license, is the result of innovative research conducted for ten years by Inserm and the University of Bordeaux. Poietis was the winner of the iLab Challenge 2014 and the Global Innovation Competition in 2016 and 2017. The company employs 25 people today.

Bruno Brisson, Co-Fondateur, Directeur Général et Directeur d’Affaires de Poietis
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