Poietis offers innovative solutions based on laser-assisted bioprinting technology.

Regenerative Medicine

Poietis' mission is part of the market for regenerative medicine and aims at providing clinicians with customized tissue manufacturing solutions in response to the growing need for tissue and organ transplants.

Our goal is to produce tailor-made bio-printed transplants and thus meet the numerous unmet needs of patients and doctors, both in terms of quantity and quality of transplants.

Poietis is beginning to investigate the different tissues, markets and indications where needs are the highest, while meeting the regulatory and economic challenges.

Development of physiological models

Poietis is currently developing physiological skin models for cosmetic research and evaluation centers and preclinical research laboratories. These laboratories have identified requirements: they need available predictive models reproducing the physiology of human skins closer to native tissues in order to be able to evaluate the toxicity and efficacy of new products or candidate drugs. Our in-house research programs aim at producing the first biological tissues that will constitute our catalog offer.

Custom tissue development

Poietis offers partnerships to design, develop and produce custom physiological tissues, in response to the specific needs of its customers and to enable them to perform:

  • active ingredient tests,
  • drug discovery,
  • disease modeling for preclinical tests.

Several partnerships are now underway with leading international companies.

Poietis is also interested in setting up collaborations with academic laboratories to develop specific in vitro 3D tissue models for research purposes and / or therapeutic assessment.

Skin Sample