Poietis offer innovative solutions based on Laser-Assisted Bioprinting technology.

Developement of physiological patterns

We are now developing skin physiological models for cosmetics research and evaluation centers and for preclinical research Laboratories. These laboratories will use our tissue models as predictive models reproducing the human physiology of healthy or pathological skin to evaluate the toxicity and efficacy of new products or drug candidates.

Since its inception, Poietis has started research programs to develop its first products that will constitute its offer catalog. In a second step, Poietis will work from patient cells to replicate and produce disease models for individualized medicine with two main applications :

Development of custom tissues

Poietis can work in partnership to design, create, develop and produce specific tissues both for in vitro tests and/or clinical purposes. We work with our partners to understand their needs and develop custom tissues for active ingredients testing, drug discovery and disease modeling for preclinical testing..

We are also open to discuss any kind of collaboration with Academics for the development of any type of 3D tissue model.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibility of a collaboration to the development of functional and biologically relevant 3D tissue models.

Custom-made tissues for clinical applications

Poietis will address the market of regenerative medicine and will propose a custom manufacturing service to the growing needs of tissue transplants such as skin and cornea. The aim will be to produce autologous custom grafts through bioprinting services, and answer the many unmet needs of patients and the medical community, in quantity but also in quality of tissues.