the Next Gen Bioprinter

Easily create complex 3D tissue models and fasten translation to the clinic

Poietis' Next Gen Bioprinting platform,
a concentrate of advanced technology

The Poietis’ patented LAB technology embodies a decade of academic research at INSERM, the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research.

This groundbreaking and unique technology, validated with more than 40+ cell types, sets a new benchmark for reproducibility, precision and viability in the realm of 3D bioprinting.

This modular platform aims to give tissue engineers and researchers greater freedom in the choice of biomaterials and hydrogels and greater versatility in their research and development. 

To meet the challenges of tissue engineering, Poietis has developed a unique and patented bioprinting technology for the creation of your complex 3D tissues models.

The NGB platform combines the 2 best bioprinting techniques for both Research and Clinical applications :
  • Sans titre-1
    Laser-Assisted Bioprinting (LAB)
  • Sans titre-1
    Bio extrusion

What are the LAB advantages for your 3D bioprinting work ?

Create highly reproducible patterns using different cell types and viscosity,
always with a very high cell viability !

Exceptional Cell Viability

>95 % cell viability
Print cells with a nozzle-free technology which doesn't harm, damage or injure them throughout the bioprinting process.

Unrivaled Resolution

Down to 10 µm resolution
Adjust printing resolution by playing with cell concentration on the donor and with the laser beam energy level.

High Polyvalence

From 20 to 300 mPa.s min
Print an important variety of bio-inks at different viscosities, cell types and materials as well as aggregates.

Push forward the limits of your research
with NGB-R™

NGB-R is the best advanced 3D bioprinter, fully dedicated to your Research.

▪ Exclusive laser bioprinting head

Discover high resolution and control precisely your cells patterns in 3D

▪ Bioextrusion heads (4-60°C) & UV lamp (365 or 405nm)

Continue your current bioprinting work and transfer your protocols to NGB-R™

▪ Multi-cellular microfluidic cartridge

Print multi-cellular tissue constructs with microfluidic cartridge and automated pipette. It includes multicolor cellular printing compatible with 3 different bioinks.

▪ Biological safety cabinet (BSC)
Ensure a totally aseptic and large work surface for cells and bioinks preparation
▪ In-line cellular-level microscope  & ViewPrint software™

Get stunning images, bioprint your cells exactly where you want to, and monitor your printing process without taking tissues out of the BSC (2μm resolution, 1 objective, 10×12 mm FOV)

▪ Unique software suite

Design complex tissues with Zebr4D™ and enjoy a unique user-friendly HMI software

▪ High-end 6-axis robotic arm

Enjoy unrivaled precision & automation with fully-motorized robotics

Easily create 3D tissues with NGB-R™'s
6-step bioprinting workflow

Design 4D tissue

Design a tissue architecture layer by layer & advanced cell patterning with Poietis’ intuitive software Zebr4D™


Transfer file

Easily transfer your digital construct to
NGB-R™ bioprinting platform


Sequence jobs


Print job sequencing and process definition for automated workflow


Load bioinks


Cell-loaded or cell-free bioinks preparation and loading to the printing heads


Start bio printing


Press a button to start bioprinting with a fully automated and reproducible workflow


Vizualize tissue


Easily visualize your 4D constructs with integrated imaging tools


NGB-R™ has countless possible applications

A proven ability to print complex tissues for Research

Full skin models

Liver tissues

Brain and pancreas tissues

An outstanding cell compatibility with 40+ cell types and a number of hydrogels

  • Bioprinted primary human cells fibroblasts
  • Bioprinted embryonic & IPS cells epiblasts
  • Microbeads laser bioprinting
  • Fibroblasts laser bioprinting
  • Bioprinted cells spheroids, 
  • Bioprinted plant cells protoplasts
  • Pluronics F-127 extrusion
  • Hyaluronic acid laser bioprinting

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