NGB-R Bioprinter : for Research Applications

NGB-R is a multimodal and high-end, 4D bioprinting system developed and designed specifically for tissue engineers, researchers and biologists.

Combining laser-assisted, micro-valve and extrusion bioprinting, it enables true versatility of bioprinting (from cell to spheroids) and offers the possibility of using a large number of biomaterials and hydrogels.

NGB-R includes an embedded microscope for in-line cell printing monitoring and relies on a complete software suite for managing bioprinting protocols, from biological CAD to data analysis of manufacturing.

NGB-C Bioprinter: for Clinical Applications

NGB-C is a clinical-grade, GMP-compliant Bioprinter designed to meet the needs of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) production and the requirements of Poietis’ partners.

NGB-C Bioprinter enables the manufacturing of human living tissues in a closed system, under completely aseptic conditions, within an isolator. It relies on Poietis Next-Generation Bioprinting platform and integrates technologies that ensure the repeatability and complete traceability of manufacturing operations.

The commonality between NGB-C and NGB-R Bioprinters will facilitate the transposition of preclinical R&D results to the clinical phases and will accelerate the development and the access to innovative therapies for patients.

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