Poietis is a biotechnology company ­specialized in the development and manufacturing of ­human tissues by 4D bioprinting. Since its ­inception in 2014 the company has been ­developing ­physiological models, particularly in partnership with the world’s leading ­pharmaceutical and cosmetic groups. ­Poietis markets Poieskin®, the first commercial ­bio-printed human tissue.

On the basis of its expertise in bioprinting ­technologies and in particular high resolution ­laser bioprinting, Poietis has also developed the ­multimodal bioprinting platform NGB (« Next ­Generation Bioprinting »). NGB platform aims to give ­tissue engineers and researchers ­greater ­freedom in the choice of biomaterials and ­hydrogels and ­greater versatility in their research and ­development.

Besides the NGB-R ­commercial ­bioprinter ­dedicated to R&D, the compagny is developing the NGB-C ­system for clinical applications. Based on the same core technology as NGB-R, NGB-C will meet the ­requirements of ­translational ­research and challenges of ­industrial ­manufacturing of implantable tissues.

The bioprinting technology of Poietis, whose ­company is licensed exclusively and worldwide, is the result of an innovative research ­conducted for ten years by Inserm and the University of ­Bordeaux. Poietis won the iLab competition in 2014, is the winner of the World Innovation Challenge, Phase I in 2016, and Phase II in 2017, and won the Ernst & Young Disruptive Strategy Award in 2018.


Fabien Guillemot, PhD

Founder & CEO Chief Scientific Officer

Fabien has an over 20 years experience in the field of Regenerative Medicine.

He holds a PhD in Material Science from the National Institute of Applied Sciences Rennes (2000) and an Habilitation in Health and Life Sciences from Bordeaux University (2010). Fabien was appointed Researcher at INSERM in 2005 and was also Invited Researcher at Harvard University in 2010.

He initiated pioneering work in the field of bioprinting and has published over 20 scientific articles and more than 100 invited lectures on this new technology. He also completed its scientific training by an entrepreneurship program provided at HEC, Paris in 2012-2013.

Bruno Brisson

Co-Founder & General Manager Chief Business Officer

Bruno has over 25 years of professional experience in biotechnologies. After beginning his career in biochemistry and technology transfer, he in worked in the USA especially as a Research Associate and Analyst within a consulting firm based in Chicago, IL.

Backed to France in 2001 for launching a biotech start-up incubator he then held various positions in Business, Sales&Marketing (Cellectis, Mauna Kea Technologies, Fluofarma) and Management (President & CEO of Biospace Lab).

As a seasoned executive Bruno created his own company, BLS Consulting, in 2011 and accompanied more than 15 companies for business and corporate development, in dermocosmetics, devices, and preclinical research.


Laurence Hutter, PharmD

Director Pharmaceutical Development

Laurence has a 8 years experience in Advanced Therapies. Graduated PharmD from University of Strasbourg, France, Laurence also holds a Master Degree in PharmaceuticalBiotechnology and Innovative Therapies from University of Paris Saclay.

She is specialized in ATMP industrialization and joined Poietis 5 years ago after an experience at CELLforCURE of 3 years in development, tech transfer and manufacturing of ATMPs.

At first Project Manager for Clinical Applications, she has managed the translation of Poieskin from R&D towards clinical phases.

She recently joined the Management Committee as Director of Pharmaceutical Development where se leads the cGMP biological developments and industrialization.

Bertrand Viellerobe, PhD​

Chief Innovation Officer​

Bertrand has 17 years of experience in the photonics field. He graduated from the University of Bordeaux with a Ph.D. in Physics obtained in 2000 on the near-field optical microscopy for the detection of single molecules.

Before joining Poietis, Bertrand worked 10 years at Mauna Kea Technologies (listed company based in Paris) as R&D Manager to develop the most miniaturized microscope in the world dedicated to medical imaging in vivo. Bertrand then joined the Cluster “Route des Lasers®” (Bordeaux) as a Project Director. For 4 years he has accompanied and certified over 220 photonics projects. Bertrand has published 25 articles and is co-inventor of 13 patents.