Bioprinting: Poietis announces the award of a third new major European patent

Pessac, France, April 16 2019

 Poietis, 4D Bioprinting company, announces the issuance by the European Patent Office of a third patent covering its bioprinting technology: Patent No. EP3233499 entitled «Laser printing method and device for implementing said method», which covers in particular the process of bioprinting upwards, previously delivered in France, and in Europe on March 21st, 2019.

As a reminder Patent No. EP2542659 entitled «Bioprinting Station, assembly comprising such bioprinting station and bioprinting method», which notably covers the adaptation of the printing pattern to the receiving substrate had already been issued in 2017 to the United States and Japan, and in March 2018 in Europe; And Patent No. EP3234102 entitled «Method for laser printing biological components and device for implementing said method», which covers the Laser-Assisted Bioprinting and multimodal bioprinting processes, has been delivered in Europe in June 2018.

These patents are part of the portfolio on which Poietis holds the exclusive exploitation rights for all application fields, in accordance with a licensing agreement signed in December 2014 with INSERM, the University of Bordeaux and Aquitaine Science Transfert©, SATT Aquitaine.

«We were the first to explore the industrial potential of laser assisted bioprinting technology in various applications. The granting of this series of European patents further supports Poietis’ position in the field of 3D bio-printing», stated Fabien Guillemot, Poietis President and CSO.

«The grant of these patents strengthens Poietis’ intellectual property assets» said Bruno Brisson, General Manager and VP Business Development at Poietis. «It is also an additional protection of important technological bricks that are integrated into the NGB-R , next-gen bioprinting systems that we commercialize now».

About Poietis :

Poietis is a biotechnology company specialized in the development and the manufacturing of human tissues using 4D bioprinting. Since its inception in 2014, the company has been developing different physiological models, particularly in partnership with the world’s leading pharmaceutical and cosmetic groups. Poietis markets Poieskin®, the first commercial bioprinted human tissue. Based on its expertise in bioprinting technologies and in particular high resolution laser bioprinting, Poietis has also developed the multimodal bioprinting platform NGB («Next Generation Bioprinting»). The NGB platform aims to give tissue engineers and researchers greater freedom in the choice of biomaterials and hydrogels as well as greater versatility in their research and development. Besides the commercially available NGB-R bioprinter, dedicated to R&D, the company is developing the NGB-C system for clinical applications. Based on the same core technology as NGB-R, NGB-C will face the requirements of translational research and the challenges associated with the industrial manufacturing of implantable tissues. The bioprinting technology of Poietis is the result of innovative researches conducted for ten years at Inserm and the University of Bordeaux. Poietis won the iLab competition in 2014, the World Innovation Challenge Phase II in 2017 and recently the EY Disruptive Strategy Award. The company employs 35 people today. More information at :

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